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   We Start with our large, finely tuned, 24' X 35' live room, to bring an open, airy sound to your recording, captured with our collection of modern and vintage microphones, pre-amps, and processing.  We record multi-track at 24 bits to the Nuendo DAW system.



   We use a variety of modern digital reverbs, plug-ins, and processing, as well as vintage tape echo, spring and plate reverbs, to mix to stereo.  We mix to 24 bit stereo digital files.


The final tracks are enhanced by a combination of digital and analog, tube and silid state,

compressors, limiters and equalizers to shape the stereo mixes for the final CD product.  We utilize Wavelab for stereo editing and PMCD master creation.


CD Duplication:

  The final stereo master can be burned to high quality CD-R's for small runs, quantity from 1 to 100 or so.  We print directly onto the disc (no paper label) in full color, from your artwork.

Live Location Recording:


     We can come to your next performance and record multi-track digitally!  Separate microphones or splitters, and outboard mic pre-amps are used to capture the full band as well as the audience.  The tracks can be brought back to the studio and further enhanced, overdubbed, mixed and edited.  Click here for info on getting our live sampler.




     Dave Nachodsky has produced hundreds of record albums in many styles of music, voice production, movie soundtracks, as well as live touring sound with artists such as Keb Mo'.  His expertise is available during all of the stages of recording, mixing, and mastering.

Tube Amplifier Service and Repair:


     For years, we have been maintaining our own extensive collection of tube amplifiers. Due to numerous requests from our recording clients, we are now extending this service to all. To enquire about service for your amp, please call the studio or email Joe Rinaolo.

More Info


For more information or to book studio time please call Invisible Sound Studios at 410 327 2122 or email DaveNachodsky@invisiblesoundstudios.com.